27C3-Workshops - v3.24b

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Day Day 1 - 2010-12-27
Room Bigger Workshop (A03)
Start time 16:00
Duration 03:00
ID 4309
Event type Workshop
Track Let's talk about...
Language used for presentation English

MoinMoin Wiki v2.0 - News, Architecture and Coding

Redesigning MoinMoin as it should be.

MoinMoin v2.0 (aka moin2) is rather different compared to moin 1.x - architecture was redesigned, lots of code rewritten or cleaned up (or outsourced to cool 3rd party python libs and frameworks).

moin2 is free software licensed under the GNU GPL.


There will be an introduction into how moin2 architecture looks like, what libraries we use, how the code is structured, what needs to be done.

Audience questions will be answered while and after the introduction.


We'll try to get into the code and do some hacking. We'll prepare some stuff, but this also depends on audience skills and interest.


If you want to work on the code, you are advised to clone http://hg.moinmo.in/moin/2.0-dev before travelling to 27c3 (there is also a bitbucket repo, see links).

The repo is rather large and unreliable / flaky / high-latency wireless or 3G connections might not be suitable for cloning it quickly.

If you like, join us on #moin-dev on chat.freenode.net and talk to us about the workshop.

Intended audience

  • moin / moin extensions developers
  • wiki / web / python developers
  • web designers / web user interface developers
  • web security experts
  • power wiki users who would like to get into writing code

Stuff we use

You can likely use and/or improve your skills related to:

  • moin2
  • werkzeug, flask + extensions, pygments
  • flatland, babel
  • Python, HTML, CSS, maybe Javascript
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