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Day Day 3 - 2010-12-29
Room Bigger Workshop (A03)
Start time 18:30
Duration 02:00
ID 4285
Event type Workshop
Track Let's talk about...
Language used for presentation English

IMMI one year later: from concept to implementation

How to make the Icelandic parliamentary proposal a global reality

The idea of a "data haven" surfaced in the cyberpunk literature. Both William Gibson (Count Zero, 1986) and Neal Stephenson (Cryptonomicon, 1999) have helped introduce it to a wide audience of geeks.

A group of people gathered last year to discuss how to apply the concept to Iceland, faced with a severe financial crisis provoked by the political and banking elite of the country. Now that the concept has become a parliamentary proposal, return to Berlin in order to bring IMMI to the next level. We would like to discuss in details some of the challenges ahead and find practical solutions that would help implement IMMI. We would also like to build an international network to turn this Icelandic initiative to other countries.

The workshop would be very interactive, with a special focus on practical challenges (internet access market in Iceland, bandwidth, energy, legal environment, etc.) and the recruitment of volunteers who want to contribute to building the international network (civil society, hackers, lawyers, parliamentarians, etc.)

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