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27th Chaos Communication Congress
We come in peace

Michael Steil

Specializing in embedded systems, security systems, operating systems and virtualization, Michael Steil significantly contributed to the Xbox-Linux and GameCube-Linux projects. He holds a Dipl.-Inf. degree from the TU M√ľnchen and is currently employed by a major IT company, working on operating systems kernels.

Michael Steil has been using and programming computers since the age of 10. He specialized in embedded systems, security systems, operating systems and virtualization. In '02, he founded the Xbox Linux Project: He lead the team that reverse-engineered the internals of the Microsoft Xbox, constructed the majority of hacks of the Xbox security system as well as ported the GNU/Linux operating system on the Xbox platform. Besides, he also founded and contributed to other open source and hacking projects, such as Gamecube-Linux and libcpu. He wrote many articles and wrote and contributed to some books about UNIX and programming. Furthermore, he gave several talks at LinuxTag, LinuxWorld, CCCongress and as Google Tech Talks, including "The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk" at 25C3. He is maintaining the blog www.pagetable.com, which deals with assembly, computer archeology and hacking.


mist at c64 dot org

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