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27th Chaos Communication Congress
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Jeroen Massar

Jeroen is working at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory[1] on the Anaphera project[2], a tool which allows a view into very large networks, various IPv6 deployment and consulting subjects and other networking related problem sets. Networking and high scalability are the main topics of his research.

He is one partner of the duo operating the widely used SixXS project[3], a spare time project that provides free IPv6 connectivity to thousands of users globally. In this project he developed and deployed the heartbeat, TIC and AYIYA protocols which are supported by the worldwide SixXS PoPs and the AICCU tool. AICCU enables IPv6 connectivity to users without hassle, it being in most important Open Source Operating System distributions and available for a myriad of platforms. To ensure that SixXS users can actually properly use IPv6 he also created the Ghost Route Hunter (GRH) project that monitors IPv6 BGP and over the years helped in debugging IPv6 routing issues.

[1] = http://www.zurich.ibm.com [2] = http://www.zurich.ibm.com/aurora/ [3] = http://www.sixxs.net


jeroen at unfix dot org

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