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26th Chaos Communication Congress
Here be dragons


Audrey Penven is a photographer and visual artist based in San Francisco. After her formal training at Rutgers University where she earned her BA in visual art, she became deeply involved in the San Francisco art/hacking scene. She is involved in photography projects at the SF hackerspace Noisebridge, including a black and white darkroom. In 2008, she was the artist in residence with Monochrom in Vienna, where she collaborated with other artists for the "gender issues" theme, and with Grafitti Research Labs on a cyanotype project.

She photographs San Francisco Bay Area events with a plethora of film and digital cameras. She has worked closely with the band Corpus Callosum for concert photography and was the second camera person on crew for their first music video - a stop motion movie of the band playing. This summer, she worked on a Burning Man art project called Spurious Causality, which remotely controlled effects on other pieces of art. She has also been involved in flash mob events in San Francisco, and in the construction and operation of large scale fire art with Interpretive Arson.


audrey at lostinthenoise dot net

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