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25th Chaos Communication Congress
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Christian Heller / plomlompom

Christian Heller / "plomlompom" is a 23-years-old futurist, blogger and film critic from Berlin, Germany.

Having visited every Chaos Communication Congress since 20c3, he blogged about most of them in-depth in his blog "futur:plom". There, he writes about futuristic and utopian concepts and technologies. He has written about cinema and related phenomena in his blogs "cine:plom" and "cine:tv:plom" and writes film reviews for other web sites. He spent some years at the Freie Universit√§t Berlin studying Film Studies and Philosophy. He is founding member of the "Hallenprojekt" which aims at providing infrastructure for new cultures of work. He organized and held lectures at a film series on early silent cinema at the "TiK - Theater im Kino". This year, he presented a history of futuristic concepts at the Berlin "re:publica" internet culture conference, spoke about changing conditions for privacy in the context of social networks at the "Sommerakademie der Gr√ľnen Jugend" (but is not a member of the Greens) and described the transformation of Earth into a global supercomputer for the Goethe Institutes of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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