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25th Chaos Communication Congress
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Collin Mulliner

Security Researcher at day, Hacker at night. Loves gadgets, especially small ones without wires.

Collin Mulliner is a programmer, researcher, and a hacker and holds a Master's of Science in Computer Science degree. Collin's main interest is mobile devices, their security and pretty much everything that is somehow related. Collin started working on PalmOS-based projects in 1997, and by now has done projects for pretty much every portable device he can get hold of. In recent years Collin was mainly working on Bluetooth-based projects where he created the first Bluetooth port-scanner. Collin also is a member of trifinite - a group of hackers that focus on the security of mobile devices and wireless technologies. Lately Collin's focus shifted towards mobile Linux devices and PocketPC-based smart phones. In the past Collin was writing software for Linux-based portable media players. Collin's current overall focus is the security of mobile devices and mobile phones.


collin-25c3 at mulliner dot org

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