25C3 -

25th Chaos Communication Congress
Nothing to hide

Felix von Leitner
Frank Rieger
Day Day 2 (2008-12-28)
Room Saal 3
Start time 23:00
Duration 01:00
ID 3056
Event type lecture
Track Society
Language used for presentation en

Fnord News Show (English interpretation)

We help in seeing teh Fnords

English Interpretation and video transmission of the event in Saal 1

This year's apocalyptic Fnord-review will include the war in Georgia and the financial-crisis. We try to web the events into a kind of mega-conspiracy, so that only one group (or probably two or three) are guilty.

We are sure: This will be enjoyable.

These are the topics:

  • Bankendomino
  • Propaganda regarding the war in Georgia
  • Terrorism, interception and Schäuble

NOT the US-election – nobody wants to hear this any more.

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