25C3 -

25th Chaos Communication Congress
Nothing to hide

Walter van Host
Day Day 4 (2008-12-30)
Room Saal 1
Start time 11:30
Duration 01:00
ID 3004
Event type lecture
Track Community
Language used for presentation en

Why technology sucks

If technology is the solution, politicians are the problem

More and more technology is seen as the ultimate solution for many problems. Lack of understanding and bending rules towards the technology show that politicians and managers have an established level of incompetence. Of course this poses a problem. We tend to forget that hacking also means is having fun with things. Let's ride the incompetence and use technology 'concepts' for the things we want.

We have come to live in a brave new world where technology has added a great value to our existence. The possibilities seem endless and undoubtly are fun. If it isn't fun, breaking it is definitely fun. Living the geeklife is worthwhile. However managers and politicians have discovered technology too, but they have one serious disability: they aren't geeks and thus by definition not capable of using it in a useful, effective way. Like a spoiled child they won't stop until their toys are installed. In the process of having their way they ignore the real, often damaging effects on society. The aim seems to be to demonstrate how modern and incompetent they really are. Those 'visionary minds' use technology in a way it wasn't intend and it turns out to be a bad idea. In contrast hackers find fun, unforseen ways of using systems. So when many politicians decry the Netherlands to be an innovative, techsavvy nation, you get a fun talk with a lot of good ideas to respond.

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