25C3 -

25th Chaos Communication Congress
Nothing to hide

Day Day 2 (2008-12-28)
Room Saal 2
Start time 21:45
Duration 01:00
ID 2799
Event type lecture
Track Hacking
Language used for presentation en

Console Hacking 2008: Wii Fail

Is implementation the enemy of design?

The Nintendo Wii game console has been one of the most popular of all time, selling almost as many units as all of its competitors combined. Despite being cheaper than the PS3 and Xbox360, it contains a sophisticated security architecture that withstood over a year of concerted effort to hack the device. The design itself is impressive; unfortunately, flaws in the implementation (both subtle and severe) render the device easily hacked, with little chance of recovery.

24C3 saw the first public demonstration of unsigned code running on the Wii. A year later, we will present full details of that attack and share the results of another full year of research. We will show the bugs that have been found, the reasons they may have existed, and what attempts the vendor has made to fix them.

Gamers will probably find this talk interesting, but it will be most valuable for anyone who hacks on (or designs) embedded systems. Basic knowledge of crypto is assumed. We will have an area set up in the Hackcenter for those who want to learn more about this subject, before or after the presentation.

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