25C3 -

25th Chaos Communication Congress
Nothing to hide

Jérémie Zimmermann
Markus Beckedahl
Day Day 4 (2008-12-30)
Room Saal 2
Start time 12:45
Duration 01:00
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Event type lecture
Track Society
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La Quadrature du Net - Campaigning on Telecoms Package

Pan-european activism for patching a "pirated" law

La Quadrature du Net (Squaring the Net) is a citizen group informing about legislative projects menacing civil liberties as well as economic and social development in the digital age. Supported by international NGOs (EFF, OSI, ORG, Internautas, Netzwerk Freies Wissen, April, etc.), it aims at providing infrastructure for pan-European activism about such topics as network neutrality, privacy, "graduated response", etc.

From May to September 24th 2007, a campaign was setup to raise elected representatives', journalists' and public's awareness into the legislative hijack, by the content industries, of the European network regulation law ("Telecoms Package"). A strong mobilization around serious bits of analysis, and proper community tools helped to really influence things.

This talk is about how we got to "correct" the bad provisions in the text by applying legislative "patches" in the first reading. If the second reading is happening around the 25C3, then fresh news and updates will be provided.

On the "graduated response" ("three strikes approach" or "riposte graduée"), which initiated the founding of La Quadrature du Net, we realized that the industry's strategy for increasing control over the Internet included the use of "legislative bootstrapping": initiating a law in some country (France in that case), for propagating it on European and worldwide level afterwards.

Thus, using our local expertise on the topic (Olivennes bill about graduated response ordered by N. Sarkozy) could be exported at European level, especially when the "Telecoms Package" was at the very same moment being hijacked to include IP provisions, to legalize a pan-European graduated response, and to directly harm net neutrality.

La Quadrature du Net was built with the aim of bridging gaps between concerned NGOs across different European countries, providing analysis, pointers, tools and methods allowing everyone to participate on those key issues.

Many good solutions were brought into the text, cleaning the most disturbing parts of it (yet leaving some problematic bits), by constructing dialogues with concerned members of European Parliament (MEPs), producing legal and political analysis, and helping European citizens to participate.

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