24C3 - 1.01

24th Chaos Communication Congress
Volldampf voraus!

Tomislav Medak

Tomislav Medak is a member of Multimedia Institute/MAMA (http://www.mi2.hr) - Zagreb, Croatia-based non-profit organization dealing with social approaches to technology, digital culture and social theory -, where he's in charge of theory and publishing programme. At the focus of his theoretical interest are constellations of contemporary political philosophy, media theory and aesthetics.

His practical pursuit is the expansion of public domain. He's a free software and free culture advocate. He coedited a reader on socio-cultural importance of free software "GNUSpectre" (http://www.gnupauk.org/) and coauthored free culture, technology and science festival "Freedom to Creativity!" (http://www.slobodastvaralastvu.org/). More recently he co-curated an exhibition on history of hacking "System.hack()" (http://www.systemhack.org).

He's member of Croatian Creative Commons team (http://hr.creativecommons.org) and board member of iCommons (http://www.icommons.org/).

He's member of urban activist initiative "Right to the City" (http://www.pravonagrad.org).

In his spare time he's working with a Zagreb-based theatre group BADco. (http://www.badco.hr/).

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