24C3 - 1.01

24th Chaos Communication Congress
Volldampf voraus!


There are problems with current (popular) OS architectures and their implementations. This talk introduces libd, the next-generation system library for (and written in) the D programming language - and the Slate Project, an attempt to create an operating system "worthy of our current era".

The current computing landscape is dominated by UNIX-style OSes and Windows - both of which are surprisingly similar in terms of their focus on relatively low-level APIs, which tend to expose discrete bits of functionality to the programmer.

The talk begins with a brief explanation of motivations for libd and Slate, going on to explain the foundation libd provides in terms of functionality. The preliminary design of Slate is then examined in terms of how it improves upon current systems - improvements both for programmers (the direct users of slate's APIs) and for end-users.

We need your help if this is to become a reality - this is not a minor undertaking and if Slate is to have any success - we need you!

[libd is released as public-domain, and Slate is under the zlib license]

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