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24th Chaos Communication Congress
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Jeroen Massar

Jeroen has a passion for networking in general with a special interest in IPv6 deployment. Together with Pim van Pelt he runs the SixXS IPv6 Tunnel Broker, which provides IPv6 connectivity to people around the world: Europe, US and New Zealand.

Jeroen has been active in various networking areas, primarily in IPv6 deployment, working with/against the IETF and the various RIR's. He is one of the two persons behind SixXS providing IPv6 connectivity to a lot of people, while also making sure that it actually works by providing GRH to enable IPv6 routing problems to be debugged.

Jeroen is Dutch and currently living in Zurich, Switzerland and working for IBM Zurich Research Laboratory.

Background Key points:

  • SixXS Providing a Tunnel Broker for the public, about 25 PoPs spread over Europe and the US enabling everybody to be able to get IPv6 connectivity, even on dailups, behind NAT's, behind firewalls, in effect everywhere one goes.

  • Work: IBM Zurich Research Laboratory Network performance profiling using AURORA, which enables profiling of high speed (10GE upwards) links.

Oh, and if PuTTY's IPv6 and a number of other tools are broken, you know who to blame.


jeroen at unfix dot org

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