23C3 - 1.5

23rd Chaos Communication Congress
Who can you trust?

Visual Berlin
Tag 4
Raum Workshop Area
Beginn 16:00
Dauer 01:30
ID 1777
Veranstaltungstyp Workshop
Track Hacking
Sprache englisch

AVIT>C23: 3L ('thrill') VJ Software

artificialeyes.tv have been working for over one year on a new software for commercial release, coded in c, java, and utilizing the max/msp/jittter programming environment to create a universal binary release taking advantage of the latest intel processor power advances recently integrated into the apple platform. 3L stands for 3 levels of 3D creation and compositing, with granular control over all aspects of analysis and manipulation of mesh objects mapped with video in real time.

The software attempts to bridge the divide between tools such as processing and vvvv with more user friendly live performance toolboxes such as modul8 and grid pro. With it's revolutionary slider design, which allows not only micro-granular control over all data streams but allows the linking of sliders and parameters in a manner similar to audio programs such as ableton live or cubase, 3L puts all controls at the performer's fingertips with a minimum of effort. Standard features include a full featured preset system allowing interpolation between any two presets of multiple parameters. Mesh objects and 3D models can be mapped with any selection of four individual movie players, text and gradient synthesizers, as well as live inputs. A feature rich shader set takes all graphic processing off of the CPU and puts it on the GPU where it belongs for blazing fast fx performance. Scheduled for commercial release in January 2007, this will be the first public presentation of this unique new real-time 3d performance tool for VJ's and generative visual artists.

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