23C3 - 1.5

23rd Chaos Communication Congress
Who can you trust?

Alan Bradley

Alan Bradley has been a reverser for years, deftly enabling ENCOM products to interoperate with a large number of external programs, and recently became fascinated by the possibility of using rootkits as reverse engineering tools.

He has long been a fan of privacy and anonymity online, and his efforts as a whistleblower providing the key evidence in the landmark Flynn v. ENCOM case are legendary. He firmly believes that technical solutions exist to the dilemma of restricted speech that we all face, both in this country and abroad. Alan is currently employed as Senior VP of Engineering at the newly reformed ENCOM, reporting directly to CEO Kevin Flynn.

Alan's adventures developing and interfacing with Tron and his later voyages into the ENCOM mainframe made him the perfect host for the machine elves of Sirius B to make contact with. He now enjoys a symbiotic relationship with these digital beings as they manipulate his thoughts and actions via his pineal gland to deliver messages of Peace, Laughter, and Chaos to Planet Earth. Elf 2342 (Discordian name: The Space Pope), has been given the honor of speaking before you on the 29th.

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