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23rd Chaos Communication Congress
Who can you trust?

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Hunz is a student of computer science in Augsburg. He's been taking apart stuff since he got his first screwdriver (or hammer - he can't remember) and over the years the rate of taken apart, but nevertheless still working devices has grown.

Hunz was involved in the early stages of the Linux-port for the german paytv-receiver dBox2.

Once DVB got boring, he became interested in Wireless LAN and wrote the HermesAP Linux driver, enabling BSS Master mode for the Orinoco cards.

Since he decided it's less boring to connect the orinoco card to a microcontroller than porting the driver to the 2.6 kernel tree, he grabbed the soldering iron.

Currently, he's playing with an FPGA, messing around with various other devices and thinking about building a pocket-802.11b sniffer.

Recent projects can also be found in his blog.


23c3 at hunz dot org

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