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23rd Chaos Communication Congress
Who can you trust?

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Track Hacking
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Introduction to matrix programming: trance codes

How to recognize trance coded communication patterns

The main communication streams in our realities happen besides the exchange of facts and arguments. "The matrix" is built on emotions! Trance coded communication patterns are a natural thing to exchange emotions between individuals. Using them is as normal, as not to be aware of it. But once you recognize the patterns, it is playtime!

Who do you trust putting you in a trance state?

Our reality is not built on facts. What really matters, what really steers and guides you, as a human individual, are feelings, values and views.

Try that experiment: Remember a very good lecture or talk. A talk you enjoyed, where you really had fun while you listened to it. Take a little time to recall how it looked like, try to remember some sounds. While you remember sitting in the audience, listening and laughing, you can also remember the feelings you had. Where did they come from? When you look carefully at that situation, you will see that your fun comes from the fun of the speaker. It is he, who gives you your share of his own experience. It is amplified by the communication signals of others in the audience. But as you are linked to the speaker, that communication happens without anyone aware of that communication layer. The speaker's brain communicates, in a covert but completely natural way, to your brain. It is bypassing your consciousness. Of course it does, because that transmission would not work otherwise, and what happens is called: Induction. He induces a part of his mindset into your mindset.

Trance is just such a mindset. A mix of values, views but most of all: feelings. Since before birth everyone changes from one trance into another. You know how it feels when you have a bad day and do not feel good? And on another day, you can do anything and you have that feeling of a fresh and clear mind? It is natural to go from one trance state into another state.

Induction is, simplified, just one mind in trance, communicating his trance state to another in a way so that this person can choose to follow or react. Fun, nervousness, arousal, confidence and all those feelings can travel along aside normal communication. The "mind in trance" embeds the proposals to change to that trance state. Everyone is doing that. We just differ in effectiveness.

This talk will raise your awareness for trance commands in human interaction. While you can improve your own effectiveness a little bit, you will learn to look out for trance codes in communication.

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