23C3 - 1.5

23rd Chaos Communication Congress
Who can you trust?

Milosch Meriac
Harald Welte
Tag 3
Raum Saal 4
Beginn 16:00
Dauer 02:15
ID 1566
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Track Hacking
Sprache englisch

OpenPCD / OpenPICC

Free RFID reader and emulator

This presentation will introduce and demonstrate OpenPCD and OpenPICC. The purpose of those projects is to develop free hardware designs and software for 13.56MHz RFID reader and transponder simulator. OpenPICC can be used to e.g. simulate ISO 14443 or ISO 15693 transponders, such as those being used in biometric passports and FIFA worldcup tickets.

The OpenPCD project is a 100% Free Licensed RFID reader hardware and software design. It has first been released on September 13, 2006. Using OpenPCD, interested hackers can directly access the lowest layers of 13.56MHz based RFID protocols. The hardware offers a number of digital and analog interfaces, and the firmware source code is available and can be modified and compiled using arm-gcc.

The OpenPICC project is the counterpart to OpenPCD. It is a device that emulates 13.56MHz based RFID transponders / smartcards. Like OpenPCD, the hardware design and software are available under Free Licenses. It has not been released yet, but the first prototypes are working and it is expected to be released before 23C3.

The presentation will introduce and explain the OpenPCD and OpenPICC hardware as well as software design.

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