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23rd Chaos Communication Congress
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Beginn 18:30
Dauer 01:00
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Track Hacking
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Security in the cardholder data processing?!

Experiences and lessons learned with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

MasterCard and Visa have jointly released the PCI Data Security Standard which defines security requirements for the processing of card data in face-to-face and card-absent transactions. This presentation will deal with the most critical security gaps.

SRC is an auditor approved by MasterCard and Visa to carry out PCI Security Scans and PCI Security Audits. Currently, SRC serves about 3000 merchants and 40 payment service providers around Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Russia, Slovakia and Israel.

The speaker will first briefly introduce the PCI security requirements. Then, he will disclose the company's experiences and lessons learned when conducting PCI Security Scans and PCI Security Audits.

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