Version Kaus Australis

Speaker: Akat1 Majorana

Ex-software developer, now pentester with years of experience. Probably the first who has shown assembler code at OWASP meeting. Currently a member of the Security Team, focuses on pentests and research. Independent software developer and open source bits contributor (e.g. NetBSD, PHP) with a great passion for mathematics and computer science. He has found vulnerabilities in Apache, OpenSSH, PHP, IIS, Free/NetBSD and many others.

You can check my blog at I've given a bunch of talks at conferences and meetups including Confidence Conference, Secure, Hacktivity, AlligatorCon, WarCon, SecurityBSides, WhatTheHack, SecDay, EuroBSDCon, Owasp Meetings and others. I'm also a part of an open source world, trying to make bits better for you and me as a part of NetBSD security team or auditing various open source projects.

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