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Speaker: Nicole Faerber

Open source and free software enthusiast since 25 years, embedded device engineer and Haeckse. During studying technical computer science in Siegen (Germany) founded a company, in 2016 joined Purism SPC first on advisory board, then as director of mobile and now working as CTO of Purism.

Hacking in its most native meaning has always been a core idea and value. For all my life I wanted to know how things work, I took them apart to understand them and with everything I learned I developed ideas how to use this knowledge in other ways. So I became an engineer.
I am also a political person. I have strong beliefs in ethics and moral and am not shy to voice these - and discuss and eventually adjust them. My driving force is justice, I can not stand injustice, to myself and others. The other driving force is freedom. Everyone must be free to live, communicate and hack as they see fit - as long as they do not limit other's freedom.

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