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Speaker: Harry Halpin

Dr. Halpin is a researcher at Inria who resigned from the W3C due to their endorsement of DRM. He is currently working on decentralizing secure messaging and formal verification.

Dr. Harry Halpin at Inria is the project co-ordinator of the NEXTLEAP project to create decentralized secure messaging protocols and mix-networking systems resistant to traffic analysis even from a global passive adversary. Before joining Inria in 2016, he was a member of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Team as part of CSAIL at MIT, where he led security standardization on the Web since 2012. He founded and led the Web Cryptography Working Group, which produced the widely-implemented Web Crypto API that works across all major browsers. He also started the Web Authentication Working Group to replace passwords with cryptographic authentication in co-ordination with the FIDO Alliance. He resigned in protest from the W3C after the W3C began standardization of DRM in the form of Encrypted Media Extensions, due to W3C's lack of desire to defend security researchers against laws that restrict research on DRM.

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