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Speaker: RFguy

I'm a member of the Munich CCC chapter and hardware hacker and electronics guy for about 30 years, having fun with mechanical and electronic lock analysis and making RF designs. Main hardware designer of the cccamp 2015 rad1o badge. Also building up infrastructure at congress an cccamp.

Main work in RF Design, received Diplom Ingenieur (FH) in 2009, active in the Munich CCC chapter for infrastructure and a lot of hardware project there.
Analyzation of mechanical and electronic access control system and locks.
Experience in workshops and courses in lockpicking and electronic and RF design.
Talk at 29C3 "Open Source Schlüssel und Schlösser" as "Jan". Two talks at Ohm2013 and one 30c3, also involved in rad1o badge design and talk at cccamp 2015

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