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Speaker: Tim Pritlove

Professional Amateur, Media Artist, Community Wizard and Discordian Evangelist and long-time member of the Chaos Computer Club

Tim Pritlove has been organizing events for the club over a time span of ten years, including the Chaos Communication Congress and the Chaos Communication Camp which he founded.

He is also founder and coordinator of Project Blinkenlights, the media art project that caught the world by storm after surprising Berlin with one of the most creative and inspiring interactive light installations of its time.

Tim has also been a pioneer in podcasting. Moving on from his participation in the CCC's monthly radio show Chaosradio, he founded Metaebene Personal Media producing some of the most well-known podcasts in Germany.

In addition to a multitude of podcasting shows, Tim is also behind the Podlove initiative that improves world's podcasting infrastructure through open source software and new standards.

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