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Chaos Communication Camp 2011
Project Flow Control

Christian Bahls MOGiS e.V.
Jérémie Zimmermann
Day Day 2 - 2011-08-11
Room Kourou
Start time 21:00
Duration 01:00
ID 4462
Event type Lecture
Track Society
Language used for presentation English

Counter-lobbying in the EU Parliament

How citizens can hack the legislative process to protect their freedoms online

The german access-blocking debate in 2009 only was a prelude to the EU-wide introduction of a blocking infrastructure in the Internet. Only delayed by the Lisbon Treaty compulsory, blocking by all EU-Memberstate has been discussed in the European Parliament since March 2010.

Jérémie Zimmermann and Christian Bahls will describe how to get involved with policy-making in the EU using the discussion around Access-blocking as a case study.

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