Camp 2011 - Version 1.4

Chaos Communication Camp 2011
Project Flow Control

Jens Ohlig
Day Day 2 - 2011-08-11
Room Kourou
Start time 18:00
Duration 01:00
ID 4560
Event type Lecture
Track Culture
Language used for presentation English

Legal, illegal, decentral: Post-hacker-ethics cyberwar

Applied loss of control to hacker-ethics?

Several newly formed hacker groups were in the press, like Anonymous and lulzsec. We will analyze and discuss how these fit into the world, and how the different groups (politics, press, media, hackers) react to this new movement. Set sail for fail!

There are more and more interesting groups active in the internet, apart from the usual lolpicz and pictures of kittens.

There was wikileaks which had a big impact to mainstream media, similar to the BTX and the KGB hack from the CCC in the last century. The politicians now discuss about wikileaks and declare cyberwar and want to privatize the internet ("the main problem of the internet is the open content").

Additionally there are new groups, anonymous and lulzsec, which discovered a major problem in wikileaks, that there is a single face connected to it. They get over it and act anonymously without a clear political agenda (simply because every new activity attracts a different set of people). "Anonymous" also eases participation of non-hackers in some activities, like DDoS VISA/paypal etc).

While some hacker groups join the establishment and react, others finally wake up from their powerlessness and act, in a sensefull or senseless way.

We will compare different approaches and look into history and achievements of non-parliamentary groups.

We want to provide useful discourse and provoke a fruitful discussion.

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