Camp 2011 - Version 1.4

Chaos Communication Camp 2011
Project Flow Control

Jens Ohlig
Lars Weiler
Nick Farr
Day Day 1 - 2011-08-10
Room Kourou
Start time 12:30
Duration 00:30
ID 4551
Event type Lecture
Track Hacker Space Program
Language used for presentation English

Hackers in Space

A Modest Proposal for the Next 23 Years

Four years ago, the global Hackerspace movement was kicked off at the 2007 CCCamp, having led to a worldwide, decentralised, collaborative network of hackerspaces on every continent. Fueled by the DIY and hacker spirit, we have come a long way. Now that we have the infrastructure in place, what do we do with it? In times when nation states abandon their space programs, we see the exploration of outer space as our goal for the coming decades.

We propose a three phase Hacker Space program we feel can be accomplished in the next 23 years. Phase one is the launch of an open, free and globally accessible sattelite-based network built by hackers as the ultimate defense against terrestrial censorship of the Internet. If that sounds too easy, let's go to phase two: Put a hacker into orbit. This will be the preparation for phase three. By 2034, we plan on landing a hacker on the moon.

Join us! Participate! Bring your own space suit and inspiration!

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