Camp 2011 - Version 1.4

Chaos Communication Camp 2011
Project Flow Control

Day Day 4 - 2011-08-13
Room Kourou
Start time 15:00
Duration 01:00
ID 4467
Event type Lecture
Track Hacker Space Program
Language used for presentation English


Design and implementation of flight electronics

Flying hardware must perform its intended function under harsh environmental conditions while fulfilling strict requirements due to boundary conditions like weight, size, and power consumption. The design must exhibit redundancy and resilience against adversary conditions and special care has to be given to thermal management and energy sources. We will discuss design rules to cope with specific problems and present a prototype system based on the multicore chip P8X32A.

The succesful operation of electronic equipment in space must take effects into account that are normally not encountered under terrestrial conditions. The hardware must be protected against accelerations and vibrations during takeoff, reentry, and landing by protecting it mechanically. The ubiquitous vacuum in space leads to an elevated radiation field, (re)sublimation of materials, and exposure to extreme temperature cycles. This constant tear and wear leads to an accelerated decay of structures on different scales, from microscopic structures in semiconductors to macroscopic parts like junctions, cables and batteries. We will discuss in this lecture some of the effects in detail to give an overview of the challenges and give guidelines to avoid typical pitfalls during design.

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