Camp 2007 - 1.01

Chaos Communication Camp 2007
To infinity and beyond

Frank Rieger
Day 2
Room Shelter Foo
Start time 15:30
Duration 01:00
ID 1895
Event type Lecture
Track Hacking
Language English

How to (really) forget your secret crypto key

What you always wanted to know about Flash memory - but were afraid it could be true

The dirty details of erasing key material on flash-memory based devices.

Modern mobile devices (phones, music players, next generation of laptops) use various types of flash memory as their means of storage. When designing an encryption or secure storage system that runs primarily on this type of memory, you need to be aware of a number of pitfalls and problems. Not knowing how to delete stuff securely on flash memory can lead to anything from crypto-keys remaining in memory, "deleted" data reconstruction by someone stealing your device or your private porn unintentionally being left on the SD-card you lend to grandma. We will focus on the practical aspects of flash memory security and discuss some methods to achieve acceptable security on flash based devices.

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