Camp 2007 - 1.01

Chaos Communication Camp 2007
To infinity and beyond

Ilya V. Vasilyev

Hobby-club teacher.

My way started with ASCII-Art on Fortran on big machines, continues on homemade computers. In late 80s I studied first IBM viruses and wrote first file virus and antivirus for MSX computer.

In 90s hacking community attracted mass media attention, that was not often to our benifit. Expensive journals begin to criminalize the community, blame hackers in every crime and push hackers with negative PR and artificial goals. Links between generations, that pass experience and vital information, weakened.

As the answer to this call, I decided to open the School of Hacking Art, where anyone could study computers and our culture. This is the place, where people could enjoy experiments with hacking and cracking, learn about Phrack zine, study GNU/Linux and phylosofy of Richard Stallman -- anything, we are all enjoy of.

After 10 years of organizing educational groups and Centers in Russia and nearest countries, I decided to present the School to worldwide community. And let it be on CCC 2007!


softkey at rambler dot ru

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