Camp 2007 - 1.01

Chaos Communication Camp 2007
To infinity and beyond


Though most famous for inventing TV-B-Gone, a keychain that makes it fun to turn off TVs in public places, Mitch Altman is an inventor with decades of experience with microcontrollers and teaching.

Mitch's achievements include, but are not limited to: co-founder of the fun protest, Hash Wednesday at the University of Illinios; co-inventor of Virtual Reality; founder of a non-profit Vegetarian Restaurant; co-founder of 3ware, a Silicon Valley startup that makes RAID controllers; founder of a rural queer arts commune, director of a non-profit computer refurbishing program at Online Policy Group. See his project article on making your own Brainwave Sound & Light Machine in the latest issue (#10) of MAKE Magazine.


info at CornfieldElectronics dot com

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